Monday, 16 December 2013

Anticipate! Know the needs of your shoppers and meet them

If you were to ask your customers about their experiences while shopping, they would probably tell you about the uncomfortable distances and hardships they have to go through just to get to their desired products –while they secretly crave for the long-gone old store clerks and their candy treats.

Even so, retailers and store owners can take a more active role in their interaction with the customers.
As we have seen before on one of our earlier articles, there are patterns of movement that customers follow and that are not determined by products but by the customer’s natural flow and store space distribution and design… for instance, some customers may walk intentionally into an aisle looking for a specific product, while others may end up there just because it’s a wide and inviting space that conveniently leads them to the checkout.
Using this knowledge, retailers can smartly anticipate shopper’s natural behaviors and needs and place the right products in their path turning wandering people into buying customers.
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Written By Bob Proctor,
The Linkage Group Inc.

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