Saturday, 15 June 2013

Entering the World of Social Media

The Linkage Group is proud to announce that you can now follow us on Twitter Facebook and LinkedIn. For the past month we have been collaborating with an outside company to improve our social media.

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In addition to joining the above mentioned groups, we have also renewed our website to further meet our client’s needs. Take a tour of our new website and enjoy all the new
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Advantages of Using a Planogram

A planogram is a marketing tool used in retail stores. It is a diagram or drawing that provides specifics as to where a product should be placed on a shelf and how many faces that product should hold. A planogram is used by the store to optimize sales and by suppliers to justify space allocated to brands and new product development. Planograms are a precise way of presenting new ideas for product placement, testing merchandising principles and understanding optimal inventory

Working with planograms has led to many successes in the retail business. The Linkage Group understands the impact a planogram has when it comes to a products financial performance. In a nutshell, it always comes down to the fact that by using planograms and the accompanying analysis, the financial performance of a product improves. By using a planogram, you can ensure that your store maximizes the shelf space to add more products and minimizes the frequency of Out-of-Stock products. A planogram can also help you make sure that your consumer demand is being addressed in a more efficient manner. With a planogram you can rest assured that things are being completed in a superiorly professional manner than the competition. 

Let Linkage help you with your planogram and analysis to optimize your retail performance.

Key benefits

  • Helpful communication tool for produced displays
  • Allocated selling potential to every inch of retail space
  • Assured product placement
  • More rigid inventory control & reduction of out-of- stocks
  • Enhanced sales
  • Pleasing customers with a superior visual appeal
  • More efficient product replenishment

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Retail Information Systems- A Must Have For Success

The value of information systems is being realized and appreciated by retailers throughout the world. Many large retailers have benefitted from the use of information systems. The systems approach has helped them 
perform efficiently, reduce costs, improve service levels, expand the customer base and manage their functional areas better.
Information systems have helped retailers meet customer demands concerning better product availability and better product assortments.

The Linkage Group offers solutions for the retail industry that can help you operate more efficiently in a market that is constantly evolving. In this day in age it is the norm to always be facing new competition and dealing with the over abundant regulatory requirements.
When you collect and manage a huge amount of data and it is not available, accessible and reliable it can slow down your business. You need the ability to data mine and perform prognostic analytics in order to turn your data into a competitive advantage.
With our Shelf Smart software, not only do we collect data for you, we also make it easy to have access to fact-based data and business analysis tools which will improve your profitability and performance.

Let The Linkage Group Enhance Your Operations

To keep up to date with today's developing retail marketplace, you need a database platform that is responsive, accessible and vigorous enough to give you the data and business insight you need to improve:

- Important business decision making
-Support and upkeep for new products
-Customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention
-Merchandising, promotion and out-of-stock management
-Industry compliance standards
With over 15 years of experience, you can Trust the Linkage group for all your Retail Information needs.

Emergency Product Recalls

One of the biggest challenges that many brands face are product recalls. Not only can the unexpected need to recall product create liability issues, but they can also impact your brand’s reputation.

When dealing with product recalls speed is key- especially when a product that is being recalled could cause potential harm to the public. Once it has been decided that a product needs to be recalled, it will need to come off the shelves as soon as possible; this is where The Linkage group comes in. Logistically, this can present certain challenges, especially if you have robust retail coverage. This is a major reason why many brands turn to merchandising companies for support.

Establishing a relationship with a merchandising company, like The Linkage Group, that has the resources to service your needs will be an important part of your product recall planning. This will ensure that if you have to recall a product you 

can do so in a fast and effective manner. 
The Linkage Group Deals with emergency product recalls quickly and efficiently. This not only helps reduce potential liability and litigation, but it will also make all the difference to your customers. Reducing possible negative interactions between your customers and your products and also showing your customers how quickly you react to deal with potential product concerns will bode well for your company’s credibility and is good for reputation management.

New store set-up specialists

A new store setup project requires preparation, flexibility and devotion. The Linkage team is experienced with all of these qualities. Our store setup team can execute your detailed plans to their successful completion on time and on budget. We are focused and committed to getting you to the Grand Opening with the fewest problems as possible.

Managing store openings can be a huge undertaking, and as such requires a high degree of effort. Especially for smaller retailers or those moving away from the big box models, managing store openings effectively means organization and administration, among a variety of other things.

A merchandising company experienced with managing store openings is a great resource to have on your side. The support that can come with this relationship can mean huge gains when starting up. What kind of support are we talking about? There are a number of things that can be handled externally, all in consultation with you and managed according to your own unique expectations.

When lean budgets and tight schedules are unavoidable, having a dependable and experienced merchandising company as a partner is invaluable to your new store setup. Here at the Linkage Group, we are committed to efficiently executing your critical plans. We work hard to perform to your standards and exceed your expectations.

At the center of our merchandising services are our team members, as well as our Smart Shelf Reporting System. You deserve a merchandising company who will invest in their employees and train them to execute your project properly. The Linkage Group can provide you with the best team for your new store set up.

Importance of Retail Merchandising to Boost Product Sales

Retail Merchandising has more than one objective. Yes, it serves its purpose in making a store look nicer, but it is also a tool used to help boost sales, customer loyalty, and it’s applicable to all types of stores. When we talk about visual merchandising, we are referring to anything that has to do with commercial imaging. Everything from the store display windows to the actual product placements within the store has to be arranged tactfully, in order to insure consumer attention.

Poor merchandising not only stops potential customers from opening the door and coming in, it puts up a wall, stopping customers who come in from buying. When you understand how to avoid those pitfalls, and learn how to attract customers instead, you'll be able to keep them coming back for more.

At Linkage we provide experts in merchandising to help place and display your new products. We execute professional retail merchandising displays to help boost your sales. Leave the work up to us and rest assured that your merchandising is being done the right way.
We have over 300 trained merchandising professionals placed strategically from coast to coast. They are experts in their field and understand the importance of proper merchandising to increase sales, boost customer loyalty and keep new customers coming in.

With over 16 years of experience, The Linkage Group can provide you with the best retail merchandising services to minimize your risk of product failure. Our in-store specialists work with you to ensure maximization of your display, improve product visibility and increase customer satisfaction.