Thursday, 24 October 2013

Why Merchandising Matters?

If you want to increase in store sales, you must focus on better merchandising, studies shows that 65% of all in store sales are directly influenced by how products are displayed.

Did you know that the cost of merchandising is about 1% of the sales while this investment produces up to 15% in sales increase?

In order to win at merchandising you need to design your displays in a way that customers will get a great first impression. So based on this what would you put at the front of the store?

  • New and attractive items
  • Be sure there is plenty for colors
  • Be sure the items are appealing to your target audience
  • Never have liquidation items in front of the store, as this will lower the perception of what the store has to offer.

In our next blog we will learn about articles placement and making sure customers get the information they need to make a purchase decision as easy as possible.

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Written By Bob Proctor,
The Linkage Group Inc.

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