Saturday, 15 June 2013

Advantages of Using a Planogram

A planogram is a marketing tool used in retail stores. It is a diagram or drawing that provides specifics as to where a product should be placed on a shelf and how many faces that product should hold. A planogram is used by the store to optimize sales and by suppliers to justify space allocated to brands and new product development. Planograms are a precise way of presenting new ideas for product placement, testing merchandising principles and understanding optimal inventory

Working with planograms has led to many successes in the retail business. The Linkage Group understands the impact a planogram has when it comes to a products financial performance. In a nutshell, it always comes down to the fact that by using planograms and the accompanying analysis, the financial performance of a product improves. By using a planogram, you can ensure that your store maximizes the shelf space to add more products and minimizes the frequency of Out-of-Stock products. A planogram can also help you make sure that your consumer demand is being addressed in a more efficient manner. With a planogram you can rest assured that things are being completed in a superiorly professional manner than the competition. 

Let Linkage help you with your planogram and analysis to optimize your retail performance.

Key benefits

  • Helpful communication tool for produced displays
  • Allocated selling potential to every inch of retail space
  • Assured product placement
  • More rigid inventory control & reduction of out-of- stocks
  • Enhanced sales
  • Pleasing customers with a superior visual appeal
  • More efficient product replenishment

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