Thursday, 17 October 2013

All-in-one Stop – Walmart Success

Wal-Mart staff are certainly excited about their results from so many months of hard work making sure all of their customers would enjoy the store’s new enhancements, especially the addition of fresh food.
The opening of their first supercentre (one of the nine planned) in Atlantic Canada is the continuation of an aggressive bid to win over customers in an under-pressure competitive retail market, even for already established grocery retailers.

This supercentre model has been a phenomenal success all over Canada since the addition of fresh food, which apparently was the key item to establish their dominance in the department store sector, making them the all-in-one-stop store.

But what is their secret? Just food? 

Even though it is a fact that consumers would come in for clothing and end up coming out with groceries and home appliances as collateral purchases, Wal-Mart core goals and expansion plans are not driven by competition but by focusing on understanding and satisfying their customer’s needs; not only the individual but also the community they are settling in, getting products from local suppliers and designing a comprehensive logistic process that includes sending teams into each of their markets before taking the fresh food, constantly surveying their associates and their customers and even going farm to farm to really get to know their suppliers. 

Even though they are constantly searching for the best product, they are also looking for ways to represent the spirit and feeling of the location they are settling in.

So, the actual key to Walmart success isn’t just based on a marketing strategy, it is simply a wise combination of 3 factors: knowing their consumers, understanding their needs, and an firm commitment to keep the highest standard.

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Written By Bob Proctor,
The Linkage Group Inc.

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