Saturday, 15 June 2013

New store set-up specialists

A new store setup project requires preparation, flexibility and devotion. The Linkage team is experienced with all of these qualities. Our store setup team can execute your detailed plans to their successful completion on time and on budget. We are focused and committed to getting you to the Grand Opening with the fewest problems as possible.

Managing store openings can be a huge undertaking, and as such requires a high degree of effort. Especially for smaller retailers or those moving away from the big box models, managing store openings effectively means organization and administration, among a variety of other things.

A merchandising company experienced with managing store openings is a great resource to have on your side. The support that can come with this relationship can mean huge gains when starting up. What kind of support are we talking about? There are a number of things that can be handled externally, all in consultation with you and managed according to your own unique expectations.

When lean budgets and tight schedules are unavoidable, having a dependable and experienced merchandising company as a partner is invaluable to your new store setup. Here at the Linkage Group, we are committed to efficiently executing your critical plans. We work hard to perform to your standards and exceed your expectations.

At the center of our merchandising services are our team members, as well as our Smart Shelf Reporting System. You deserve a merchandising company who will invest in their employees and train them to execute your project properly. The Linkage Group can provide you with the best team for your new store set up.

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